Angle Relationships

Prior to Common Core implementation, angle measure was a frequently repeated topic. Now, basic angle rules begin in Grade 7 and extend to angle relationships in Grade 8. These geometry standards prompt visual investigations with the use of manipulatives. The standards call students to "use informal arguments to establish facts..." about angle relationships. Grab your AngLegs and patty paper to accompany the activities outlined below.

8.G.A.5 Resources

Are your students struggling with basic angle rules and angle relationships formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal? This game focuses on these angle relationships and as the levels increase the content extends to angle relationships with polygons and circles for enrichment.

Game Description:
Help Itzi the spider climb the clock to rescue his family! Solving cunning angle puzzles to reveal a path through each level's maze of tangled webs and reach the goal. It's sure to make your head spin!

Manga High Math Games

These concept builders highlight Common Core State Standard 8.G.A.5 included in MATH-8 and Accelerated MATH-7.

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