Transformations Continued

Do you have a classroom theme? A motto of sorts...something that drives everything that you and your students do in your classroom...and hopefully beyond those walls as well?!?

Do you see the same idea within your course curriculum? With the implementation of the CCSS, there has been speculation as to the theme (or emphasis) for each grade level. Educators present arguments for a particular theme that acts as the ongoing thread in that grade level of math. For Grade 8, educators seem to fall into different camps as two threads have risen to the top of discussions in the past few years. Some say transformations. Some say functions. What are your thoughts? Would you say that transformations or functions drive everything you do in MATH-8? Is it a difference between results and relationships?

That's a big discussion.
And it's a discussion that needs to occur sooner rather than later.
Because it really is different to spy all standards with a lens of transformations versus a lens of functions.

As for the MATH-8 standards that involve developing the concept of transformations, what seems to be the most difficult for students to grasp? Historically, my students have struggled with coordinate notation and the process of rotations. Review a previous post on Thinking Transformations that discusses the transformations standards that are expected for students in MATH-8 and Accelerated MATH-7.

Transformations Resources

The following resource includes record sheets to coordinate with the transformations activities adapted from the Hands-On Standards Grades 7-8 book. Create four stations, one per transformation, for students to rotate through as a team. Consider duplicating to set two stations for each transformation in an effort to manage manipulatives setup.

Transformations Stations Activity Record Sheets

These activities highlight Common Core State Standards 8.G.A.1, 8.G.A.2, 8.G.A.3, and 8.G.A.4 included in MATH-8 and Accelerated MATH-7.

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